Where we go, people come together.

Coworking is taking off around the world, with over 15,000 cowork spaces operating and over 120,000 fulltime coworkers running their businesses from these spaces. Coworking offers people an affordable, flexible, and inspiring space to work.

We started Desk Cowork on the 2nd of March 2016 with a vision to connect the unconnected. To bring together awesome people who had no physical location to call their own. As home workers, entrepreneurs and people who just can’t sit still, traditional office spaces just weren’t right for us. We started our business in the heart of Old Town, Swindon with a tiny Start Up Loan, a beautiful space and a group of awesome people behind us.
We didn’t really know what we were doing, but what we did know was that Desk had to be founded on a desire to bring people together and build communities. The principle that people do business with people is also deeply ingrained in our culture, a culture in which you become friends with your coworker and networking is just a wonderful by-product.
Desk was founded by Matt when he returned to Swindon living abroad to find it almost impossible to meet other entrepreneurs and people with big ideas in one place. Having felt lost in all that he did, the logical step was to create a home for the great people that make our world go around. The Go-Getters.
We now have 2 amazing cowork spaces, and our community just keeps growing. Our website is built by members, businesses flourish in our space, and friendships are made.



  • 6 March 2018

    Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2018!

    The news is just in, and we couldn't be happier to win this award! Our Founder Matt Greenwood, aged 23, has just won Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2018 (South West Business Awards). What a fantastic achievement. Now step aside, we're going for the champagne!


  • 20 March 2017

    New Website Launched

    Our new website is launched! Woho! We'd say check it out, except you are already on it! All built by members, this beautiful site is a work in progress that showcases both of our locations.
  • 18 March 2017

    We open our 2nd Location!

    Desk Newbury opens! ? We are so excited to open in Newbury. It just made sense to open a stones throw (40 minute drive) from our first location, as all of our members are able to use both locations. Little did we know, so many of our current members have a lot of use for our Newbury location. We realised that the value of opening close together makes so much sense, and we strive to do this again! In partnership with Ntegra, we were able to open this beautiful location with awesome facilities. Check out the location on our site here!
  • 3 March 2017

    1st Birthday Party

    1 year later, 38 members and 70+ skills in the space. Some say any excuse to celebrate, we say we have every excuse to celebrate! What an amazing year. We learnt so much about how to manage a community of people, run events and integrate new members into our space. And we had some very exciting news... See the next diary entry...


  • 21 December 2016

    The term ‘Deskify’ is born

    In December two of our members Andy & Andy came to us with the idea to take their office space in Newbury and 'Deskify' the hell out of it. So that's what we did. Oh, and more importantly this is where the relationship with Ntegra came about, and a beautiful start to our 2nd cowork space!
  • 1 March 2016

    Houston, We Have Lift Off!

    Today we celebrated the birth of our little baby! With 10 early bird members before opening the doors on March the 2nd, we didn't really have a clue what we were doing. What we did know was that there was a thriving community of awesome people ready to help us grow and ready to grow with us.


  • 29 December 2015

    We found our first home!

    Check out this beauty of a space! After searching high and low in Swindon for our cowork space, we had little luck. So many wonderful properties are off the market, sat dormant. After Matt vented his frustrations with friend and local juice bar owner Kris, the upstairs of his beautiful property immediately struck us as the perfect space!
  • 30 September 2015

    The Cowork Idea – YEN

    Once a week, Marcus Lilley, Samantha Whittingham and Emma Phipps organised what was the most amazing thing in Swindon - The Young Entrepreneurs Network (YEN). Starting a space was about community, and this is what YEN did - bring together great people who wanted to be together, improve their businesses and make friends. On September 30th YEN organised a cowork day for us all, which was our first real taste of what Coworking in Swindon was. It was on this day that we realised that something had to be done!