Hangout #012 : Why do most crowdfunding campaigns fail? -Anthony de Souza

30 March 17
Over the last 5 years Anthony has delivered over 70 crowdfunding workshops and talks all over the UK. He has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs, startups, businesses and charities understand the different crowdfunding opportunities and how to unlock funds with this new form of democratic finance.
Anthony specialises in a step for step Crowdfunding Launch Strategy – all the success factors you need to have in place BEFORE you launch your crowdfunding campaign.
In the past Anthony has managed his own digital marketing agency where he has helped over 700 businesses go online and expand their presence online. In addition he has spent many years assisting non profits raise millions for health and education related projects.
Crowdfunding has now surpassed venture capital funding raising over £60 billion globally in 2016.
This open discussion will provide an up-to-date take on what is happening in the crowdfunding space and how you can take advantage of it.
Depending on time we will cover:
– what type of crowdfunding will work best for you
– some of the platforms that offer crowdfunding services
– some examples of successful and not so successful campaigns
– what a perfect project page looks like
– answers to some of the frequently asked questions people ask about crowdfunding
– the benefits to crowdfunding
– the downsides to crowdfunding
– the future trends of where crowdfunding is going
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