Hangout #18: Common sense GDPR – Cathy Brode

19 April 18

Along with over 30 years of experience in Quality, Information Security Systems and Data Protection, Cathy uses her experience of building successful businesses to help organisations and institutions develop processes and procedures that meet their needs as well as complying with regulations including the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that comes into force May 2018.

Picking one of many quotes from past seminars:

“Cathy was just fantastic at turning GDPR from what seemed like an overwhelming minefield to something very manageable and understandable. Her practical standpoint was invaluable.”

GDPR is not as scary as you think. Apply common sense and take a pragmatic approach and you will find that meeting the requirements of GDPR will help you grow your business. This talk will show you how and why.

Here’s how it goes…

To begin with our guest speaker does a 30-45 minute talk and are told three things and three things only. Be provocative, be educational, and DO NOT sell. You cannot imagine how cool and insightful our guests have been so far!

Then the event is followed by Q+A and a relaxed social hangout where members and guests have a drink – whether you fancy a locally brewed ale, or a glass of Lemonade. This is a great chance to meet new people in Swindon with fascinating startups, stories and ambitions!

Please note, although our Hangouts are set to finish at 9PM, there is time for socialising, networking and Q+A’s after the speaker has finished, this means some attendees choose to stay later. But feel free to leave whenever you feel necessary after Cathy Brode has finished talking.

FREE for Desk members, £5 for non-members.

Twitter: @cmbrode
Facebook: @ConformitasConsulting

Tickets: 5.00

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