The Day of a Coworker


You probably assume us coworkers sit around all day having a chat and a cuppa… Wrong! Okay partly right, but I’ll tell you what else a typical coworking day includes.

We can get up whenever we like, if we’re feeling refreshed, productive and motivated we will arrive at Desk for 8.30 AM sharp (sometimes beating Matt to the coffee machine!). But, if we’ve had a late night previously or want to treat ourselves to a lay in, we can arrive at desk for 12ish and not be judged for starting work later.

When first arriving it’s necessary to check in, then after choosing the spot for today, have a natter with the fellow coworkers on our table. You know the “Get up to much last night?” , “Busy day today?” , “What are you working on at the moment?”, general chit chat. Then work mode. For a good 2-3 hours we will work solidly. Focused, determined and engaged.

If we were motivated this morning and got to Desk for 8 am, it’s now about 11.30, this is where us coworkers can go downhill. We get sluggish, thinking about lunch, thinking how we could just go home now if we wanted, thinking that no ones stopping us from leaving. But no. Looking around everyone else is working pro-actively, this motivates us. If we were working from home we would then switch over to watching Friends and leave the work for another day. But with coworking you are in a professional work environment and your fellow coworkers keep you on track.

So instead of jumping in the car and rushing home, we will make the most of the free coffee at Desk, have a game of table tennis to liven up and then back into working hard.

After another hour or so of working, it’s time for lunch hooray! With the location of Desk we have a wide choice, do I fancy a bacon butty from Dotty’s? A £3 sub deal over at Subway? Or a mighty wrap from Eggelicious? If we’re over loaded with work, can just pop downstairs quickly to The Core for a smoothie and avocado on toast!

Whilst working we chat, we bounce off of each other, ideas flying around Desk. This is the best part, with coworking at Desk we are part of a community and everyone is helpful to one another. If you need advice from a website designer, other members have got your back!

Another couple hours of work and everything on the to-do list is crossed out, we may have a game of golf at Desk to wind down, have a chat and say our farewells until the next exciting coworking day.