Member Spotlight : Fran Twohey


It is important to us to build a community with our coworkers; we know them, they know each other, now we’re going to give you an insight on their businesses and themselves! This weeks Member Spotlight features Fran Twohey who’s business is in the retail sector. 


What made you decide to start up your own business?

Having been a nurse all my life I thought it would be good to try something different. The opportunity came up so I could do this and so I combined it with my other wish which was to set something up in memory of our daughter, Nicola.

What are your plans this year for the business?

I just lauched the site in May in this year, so I want to improve my own line presense. I also want to get out there physically my having more stalls where people can actually see what they are buying.

What is the single most important thing that sets your business aside from competition? 

Before launching the site I spent a lot of time engaging with my now, suppliers and ensuring that the items I have for sale have all been ethically made but at the same time competitively priced. We spend a lot of time choosing clothes and gifts for the site and have a large range of GOTs certified clothing. We choose clothes that are fun, bright and practical. We have taken practicality to a new level with our range of reversible clothing and unique easy close magnetic baby grows that have proved so popular they have almost sold out. We also like to pride ourselves on our customer service. We take our social responsibility seriously and are members of Business’s Against Poverty and a percentage of our profits go to a charity called 4louis that support families of babies and children who have lost their lives.

Where can we find your website?


What do you like doing in your free time?

I particularly like catching up with friends and family, and try to make enough time to do so. Other than that I like pottering in the garden pretending I can garden, taking my dog for walks and I have recently started leaning how to bell ring which is a bit terrifying at times and but also good fun!

What do you love most about having your own business?

The freedom, meeting new people and learning new things. No office politics!

What’s the worst part about your job?

It can feel isolating at times, and can be difficult to motivate myself to do ‘boring’ but necessary tasks. There is also a tendency for people to think that because you are self-employed you can be available whenever so have had to work on this.

What would be your Plan B?

I don’t really have a plan B but still keep my nurse registration and practice up just in case and also because I still enjoy it.


What was your first impression of Desk?

I do have a memory of it being a furniture shop and so had visited in its former life, so kind of knew the feel of it. I saw the space on a FB ad and thought it looked good, I liked the atmosphere when I visited so didn’t feel let down.

What do you prefer about Desk in comparison to other commercial office spaces?

Difficult for me to compare but I like the atmosphere, its location, friendliness and ability to move around when you no longer want to sit at a desk. The location is superb and its ideal to take a break and wander around Old Town.

What do you enjoy about coworking?

Alongside the companionship is the conversations that spontaneously happen that you learn from. It feels more motivating to see others hard at work as well, and know that it isn’t plain sailing for everyone else as it can appear when you are at home beavering away. So I guess the support. Having access to the evening events (not just the parties) has been good and I have learnt from these.

Do you have any extra comments you would like to include?

I do have a FB page @nikkinockynoo and Instagram so follow us for the latest competitions and news! I also do tell people about DESK and how fab it is!