What are the true advantages of coworking?


Have you ever wondered what the advantages are of you being a member here at Desk? (Aside from the obvious benefits, such as free events and discounts.) Or if you’re not a coworking member, what the hype of coworking really is about? Here are the unconscious advantages of coworking.

Firstly, coworking allows you to expand your personal and professional networks, you are literally networking whilst you’re working, as you are surrounded by other entrepreneurs. This allows you to find new clients and grow your income, find talent and people to work with and also hire and be hired.

Before joining a cowork space many self-employed individuals are just working from home, the likelihood is they will be much more productive working within a cowork space. This is because there are no distractions from family members (or pets!) and no temptations from the fridge and TV! You will find you are much more motivated to get your work done once surrounded by dedicated professionals, like yourself.

Rather than sat at home working in your PJ’s (as appealing as this sounds) you will be working in a professional and creative environment, where you will have a routine with your own schedule. This also encourages a better work life balance, when you are home you can enjoy the time with your family and friends, leaving your work and thoughts of work within the cowork space. This separateness creates a healthier, happier life as you are likely to be less stressed!

Working around others will make you more motivated, you can bounce ideas off of one another and you are likely to be more creative. When thinking outside the box you can also get the opinion of your fellow coworkers to ensure you’re staying on track! Sometimes a second opinion is just what you need when working alone to improve your projects.

There is also the handiness of cowork spaces! The internet connection is usually much better, you have no utility bills, a postal address and don’t have to deal with the service providers or repairs yourself! Also giving you a professional environment to host meetings with your clients. Everything is there for you. All you need is your laptop and yourself! Most cowork spaces often also offer free tea and coffee– who’s going to say no a free cuppa?

To read more about the advantages of coworking visit the Coworking Handbook.