Women in Business: Samantha Allen

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In celebration of Women in Business day, Desk Cowork brings you wonderful interviews with our creative souls that make up the Women of Desk Cowork.

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Your name and business name?

My name is Samantha Marie Allen, and my business name is the same!

What is it that you do?

I am a content writer. I specialise in conversion-focused writing. Basically, putting the focus on writing for humans, and with the intention of writing content that will impress people, attract, inspire, educate customers, as well as get you to the top of Google.

It sounds more complicated than it is. But I’m basically writing relevant content for people in business who don’t have time, or ability, or they just don’t want to do their own content writing.

Fantastic, and what do you love most about the work that you do?

It’s fairly early days, but I’m loving the variety of work I’m getting to do. So, because it’s a variety of website content, blog content, digital marketing is such a wide area these days. It’s not just the same thing, day in, day out, and the types of clients that I’m working with already are really diverse, and it’s just really interesting.

Every time I write content for someone, I get to learn about that topic and the products and services. As somebody who loves to learn, I’m just loving it because I’m learning so much, and I get to help people at the same time.

Awesome. Do you have a favourite inspirational quote?

Oh, just one! Yeah. There’s so many. I love inspirational quotes. The first one that’s springing to mind is, “When the world zigs, zag.” by Barbara Noakes.

What your plans and ambitions for 2019?

Oh, it’s going to be an epic year. I’m getting married at the end of this year which is a big change for me, and I’ve closed my old business. So next year, to me, is just like a completely fresh slate. Which I’ve tried to start early, so that is not, like, your cliché “Everything is done in January”. I always want to just start at a random point in time.

I’m already due to attend some epic events, some marketing events, where I’m bound to meet some really awesome people, public speakers, authors, and people I look up to

I’ve got clients already who are happy to continue working with me into next year, so building on that. And I think, next year, I’m going to focus on really honing in my niche, and figuring out the exact type of person I want to be helping.

Because right now, I’m just sort of experimenting, just finding what feels right. But next year is going to be much more targeted and focused.

How do you achieve the work/life balance? Do you believe in such a thing?

It’s a challenge, yeah. I think it’s one of those myths that there is a perfect way to do it. I think everyone struggles with it, no matter where they are, and what they do. I think just being mindful of your own value in yourself, and always bearing in mind that you are the best asset you’ve got, to your business, but also, in general.

And just not take things for granted. Don’t assume you’re always going to be healthy. Don’t overlook looking after yourself, but try and just have that awareness, and let it run through everything you do.

And enjoying the work…?

Is the best way, yeah. Doing what you love helps, because it’s going to help your mental health, and I think, just trying to create a business model, which works for you, and whatever situation you’re in.

Awesome, cool, and to the next one. What advice would you give to other young women who want to succeed in business?

I think, if I’m talking about women, in particular, especially younger women…

I think the biggest obstacle to overcome is confidence and self-doubt, because that’s something I probably struggled with, and that’s probably held me back. I think a lot of people I know have started to admit the same, and it’s something people don’t really admit, that they are their own worst critic, they’re always putting themselves down.

I think everyone’s got this voice in their head, that tells you why you shouldn’t do something. But I think the biggest advice I would give myself at a younger age is, just to ignore the negative voices, and try and really channel the positive voice in your head, and really, instead of telling yourself, or asking yourself why you can’t do something, turn it around and challenge yourself to say, “Well, why shouldn’t I do that?”

That’s great. I really like it. Favourite breakfast food?

Oh, I’m someone who doesn’t like to have the same thing every day. I like a bit of variety, which, I think, is the same in all aspects of my life.

What if, tomorrow, Kris said, “What do you want, Sam? You can have anything in the world”?

Oh, man. Depends if I have to cook it.

Kris is cooking it…

Oh. Again, it depends on time, and all these other things, but … okay, I’m going to say, avocado on toast, with some awesomely cooked mushrooms…

Like it. Fantastic. What do you want to be when you grow up?

What do I want to be? I think, just a good person. And someone that people will look up to.

Tea or coffee?


Instagram or Facebook?


Apple or Microsoft?


What time of day are you most productive?

I’d say, between late morning and early to mid-afternoon.

How do you wind down from work?

Sometimes yoga, at home. Sometimes reading. Sometimes, just getting some fresh air, and looking at the sky. I’ll go in for a walk, occasionally. Depends on the weather. Sometimes Netflix. Depends what mood I’m in and what I’ve done that day.

Finish the sentence: “Coworking is …”
Coworking is… Awesome!